Lining and Coating Advancements
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Lining and Coating Advancements Save Money and Downtime

Coatings and Linings
September 2015

Better - Faster - Cheaper

Advancements in both linings (interior) and coatings (exterior) in recent years have provided industrial customers with technology that offers superior performance over older technologies and painting practices. And superior performance doesn’t always mean more expensive. The price per gallon old way of thinking is a flawed analysis when it comes to these newer materials.
LININGS: New lining technologies have provided the industry with: 1) superior performing products, 2) faster curing (turnaround times) products and 3) longer lasting systems (cheaper). They are truly the trifecta when it comes to a winning combination for tank owners and tank builders. Newer curing technology and solvent-free lining formulations minimize or eliminate the risks of solvent entrapment (seen with older, multi-coat linings) that would otherwise cause premature failures. Advanced curatives that push the technology of cure speed have produced linings that now allow turnaround times in just hours.
Tanks (especially relines) can be placed back in service immediately while eliminating prolonged downtimes waiting for the linings to sufficiently cure. Some formulations even allow winter painting and curing below freezing. These solvent-free linings can be applied in a single-coat and much thicker than older conventional linings, thus providing a superior barrier. This added protection leads to longer service lives and longer reline schedules. The lining cost over the lifespan is dramatically reduced.
With superior “wetting” properties, these new-age linings penetrate and fill-in pitted steel bottoms (commonly seen in oil service tanks) to prolong the life of the lining. Fast-cure formulations allow inspections in as little as 3 hours with return-to-service times in as short as 8 hours. Longer lives, quicker return to service and fewer coats … there is a lot to like about these linings!
Coatings and Linings - chart
EXTERIORS: While no one operates with an unlimited budget, there are some very innovative coatings and repaint practices that will dramatically extend one’s maintenance budget. Quite often an existing paint system (while tired and old looking) can many times be “rehabilitated”.
Under the right set of circumstances an aged paint system can be cleaned, spot primed and overcoated with highly penetrating, low stress sealers and topcoated with a variety of weathering finishes. This approach can add new life into a tank exterior; sometimes extending the repaint cycle by 10 years or more on a shoestring budget.

With the ever present trend to stretch maintenance dollars, keep downtimes to a minimum, and trying to get more out of your coating system; the coatings industry has responded with performance coatings and linings that are better, faster and cheaper.