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16-07-14 14:14

Carboline Launches an Innovative Water-Based Epoxy Insulative Coating for Marine Use

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Carboline Company’s new water-based epoxy insulative coating Carbotherm 551 is finding favor with the marine industry. The physical properties of this epoxy based insulative coating are far superior to acrylic-based products currently on the market. While the acrylics are more easily damaged the epoxy formulation is tough enough to handle foot traffic and the rigors of marine vessels during transport.
These products are ideal to reduce the heat build-up on barge covers and decks caused by solar radiation. When transporting low vapor pressure cargoes owners can reduce fugitive emissions and minimize product losses. They have also found uses on the roofs of wheelhouses of marine vessels and have helped reduce air conditioning demands. Similarly they help to maintain heat during cold conditions.
A most recent application involved insulating the top decks of inland marine barges transporting hot cargoes (325°F). Applied in four coats of 1 mm per coat, the resulting insulative barrier projects a 35-40% heat savings and reduced fuel demands in trying to keep the cargo hot. The superior physical characteristics and toughness of the epoxy insulative coating was critical in the selection process as workers would be working and walking on the material. In addition, a non-skid aggregate was used to provide a non-slip surface. Carbotherm 551 was resilient enough to incorporate and handle the aggregate for this use.
Carbotherm 551 is an advanced next generation of thin insulative coatings with superior physical properties for industrial uses. Unlike the acrylics, the Carbotherm 551 involves a “chemical cure” providing a tougher more durable coating suitable for industrial and marine applications. It can be applied thicker and recoated faster than other products currently on the market.

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